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Extra-quality fish product import, processing and distribution

Costiana company profile

Costiana is company that focuses on tradition on the Romanian and European fish product, fish specialties and sea fruit market. The basic company activities are fish and sea fruit import – export, processing and distribution. The organization is privately owned and has been active in this business sector for over 20 years, being the oldest Romanian company in this area. Thanks to its impeccable products and services, Costiana became one of the most important and known niche businesses, in the fish market in Romania.

Costiana – number 1 in continuity and diversity

With an incontestable experience, the founder and president of the company is Marian Cuzdrioreanu. He is also president of the RO-FISH Association – The Romanian Fish Processors, Importers, Distributors and Merchants Association. Marian Cuzdrioreanu is also a member of the Romanian Comity of Monitoring and Implementation of the Development Strategies for the Fishing Sector, where, supported by other profiled associations, Ministry of Agriculture, the Fishing and Aquaculture Agency, and other European Union organizations, he contributes with strategic development directions. Aquaculture Agency in Romania and the European Union contributeto building the legislative and operational environment.

The RO-FISH Association is represented by Marian Cuzdrioreanu in ROMALIMENTA –The Romanian Owner Federation in the Food Industry.  

Costiana values: diversity, continuity, quality, knowledge

Costiana products and services:

  • Deep-frozen fish, specialties and sea fruits import
  • Deep-frozen fish, specialties and sea fruits export
  • Fish, specialties and sea fruits processing and pre-packaging
  • Deep-frozen fish, specialties and sea fruits import distribution

First class technological and human competence

  • over 2 decades of know-how
  • frigorific storage capacity of over 3000 tons
  • over 35 auto vehicles with refrigerating functionality
  • national distribution network
  • independent rail way
  • independent factory with production division

over 60 employees